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Womanchester Winner

April 18, 2017


It has just been announced that Hazel Reeves proposal "Rise Up, Women" for the first statue of a woman in Manchester in 100 years - other than the ubiquitous Queen Victoria - has been selected as the winner. How appropriate that a woman sculptor should give us this memorial.  The work is due to be erected in 2019. 



Hazel has also been selected for a statue commission celebrating women biscuit factory workers – the ‘Cracker Packers’ –  at the McVities factory (formerly Carr’s) in Carlisle. The bronzes of the two Cracker Packers, one from past times and one from today, will be unveiled next International Women’s Day, 2018. It seems there really is a growing awareness of the power of this kind of recognition of the true worth of 'everyday' women as well as the exceptional individual. For the full details see the press release. Photo by Stuart Walker