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People who want to see gender equality in civic statues in the UK.

Original artist Margaret Morris. With thanks to the Museum of London.

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Support if you would like to see gender equality in civic statues; as many women up on plinths as there are men.

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Current total:


Hannah Nunn

Terri Bell-Halliwell

Anne French


Sarah Chrisp

Lynn Smart

Erika Adler

Mica Bobsin

Ffion Atkinson

Domenique Brouwers

Graham Taylor

Marie Evans

Sue Ashwell

Emma Spurgin Hussey

Susan Cobley

Megan Dobney

Lynne Cumming

Wynn Rees

Geoff Twist

Christine Morley

Anya Johnson

Hazel Reeves

Diane Kington

Cat Crossley

Yvonne Tennant

Becky Brown

Emma Fitzgibbon

Becky Law

Erin tyler

Jane West

Vivienne Verren

Greg Paton

Eileen Elizabeth collins

Pat Stewart

Anne Grant

Amy Binns

Amanda Allbright

Caro Curnock

Maria Pia Ercolini

Daniela Domenici

Roberta Schenal

Corrine Alys Streetly

Lynn Culver

Amelia Rowcroft

Andrew Lees

Hazel Ellison

Barbara Stevenson

Lee Comer

Emma Chesworth

Lynn Owens

Colin Hanson

Eileen Luscombe

Rosey Sherwood

Jill Tofiluk

Hilde Herming

Vivian Barraclough

Norma D Hunter

Brook Hobbins

Hilary Marshall

Sonya Robotham


Sarah Ayton

Margaret Hallah

Benjamin Verrall

Annie Sheen

Corrine Edwards

Marianne Craig

Adam Clarke

Anne Lydiat

David Butler

Martin Peagam

Joan Orme

Dawn Bonfield

Hilary Baxter

Frances Gibson

Terri Elizabeth Reid

Pippa Stone

Colette Weston

Samantha Johnson

Christy Symington

Jean Calder

Susan Olech

Toni Cogdell

Morven magari

Catherine Whittaker

Jessica Webb

Anya Jane Pearson

Tracy Mikich

rachel toon

Christine Bleathman

Loki Anne Thompson

Catherine Howard

Joanna Howell

Diane Gorvin

Elina Rodriguez Millan

Jackie Teale

Susan Munro

Karen Williamson

Carole Hooper

Julia Behrens

Tiffany Richardson

Kara Lyons

Kim Hewitson

Laura Adams

Anna Somner

Phyllis A Sears -HerstoricalMonuments

Emma Davison

Brook Hobbins

Naomi Smith

Kathleen Hogan Ehrlich

Ruth Tarlo

Jo Hargreaves

Lisa Parr

Michael Connaughton

Pat Schan

Kellie Sabin

Mel Levick

John Cooban

Christel Abou Malham

Judith Baines

Charlotte Drake

Elizabeth Audrey Mills

Deborah Ann Rolfe

William Arden

christine charlesworth

Janette Coleman

Ama Menec Sculpture

Susan Croft