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This is a place for artists and commissioners to come together, and of course, for anyone just interested in seeing what great ideas sculptors have to offer.

FAQ - What is a maquette?

A maquette is model for a larger piece of sculpture, created in order to visualise how it might look and to work out approaches and materials for how it might be made into a larger version for public display.

Here you can see a timelapse video of artist Stephen Melton creating the macquette sculpture of famed aviatrix Amy Johnson. Read more on the VISIBLEwomen page, in the Success Stories section.

Amelia Rowcroft talking about her idea for a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester.


Do you have maquettes of sculptures that could be commissioned for civic statues to honour women or women’s organisations?

Send photos of them to us at to be featured here along with your details.


Feel free to get in touch with an artist featured here, using the email address next to their maquette. Should this result in a successful commission we request a discretionary finder’s fee of between 1% and 5 % depending on the sum involved.

If the commissioning process is new to you take a look at some of the Current Campaigns where you will see the process from inspiration to installation.

The Maquette Gallery

Artists and Commissioners – if your meeting here brings about a new civic statue of women, please send us images for the Success Stories section.

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“Eleanor Rathbone MP”
Artist: Philip Garrett

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“Eve and Her Apple Encyclopaedia”
Artist: Terri Bell-Halliwell

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“Rise Up, Women.”
Artist: Hazel Reeves

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“Amy Walmsley”
Artist: Diane Gorvin