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Letters to The Times - 1952 and 2016.


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A Letter to The Times, February 2016
Not published

The Editor
Times Newspaper

In response to your correspondent ( 2.7.52 ) "A Man’s World Even in Stone" I note with some astonishment that the matter addressed - the lack of gender equality in public statues - remains as shockingly unequal as ever, 63 years later. Over half a century is surely sufficient time in which to expect to see a very considerable improvement, yet the womanchesterstatue campaign for a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst cites a male to female ratio of 16 to 1 in their civic statues.

It is said that behind every great man there is a woman, so should we then also assume that this dearth of representation of women may be due to that man, or men, (or possibly an entire 2000 year old patriarchy) standing in front of them, getting in the way of them being seen?

To echo and update the cry of our suffragette sisters, it is time for more ‘Plinths for Women’!

Terri Bell-Halliwell
Brighton, East Sussex

A Letter to The Times, 1952

The question of gender inequality in civic statues has been under discussion since as early as 1952 when a correspondent wrote to The Times.

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