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Radical Activist Mary Barbour, to be Honoured in Glasgow

Feb. 11, 2017

Photo: Eddie Middleton.

In February 2016 in Glasgow the name of the successful sculptor, Andrew Brown, chosen to create the statue of Mary Barbour, social reformer, was announced: 

This sculptor’s intention was to present Mary Barbour, for now and for generations to come, in a way that captures the achievement for which she is best known. The day in November 1915, when she led a 20-thousand-strong protest through the streets of Glasgow to the Sheriff Court and won the victory.

Radical political activist Mary Barbour, born in Govan, successfully led the Rent Strikes in the city at the height of World War 1 forcing a change in the law with the introduction of the Rent Restrictions Act. Post-war, she maintained her vision and determination to deliver better policies for women and children across the city by blazing a trail to become the first Labour female councillor, Bailie and magistrate.


This acheivement is only part of the sought-after result with hundreds of statues of men and just 20 statues of women across Scotland's civic landscape. See comments from Adele Patrick, founder of Glasgow Women's Library ( Nov 2015 ) 

"I think it is unbelievably empowering for girls - and boys - to grow up with the knowledge that women can do great things and can change the world."

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and Janice Forsyth's amusing take on the situation in the Sunday Herald ( May 2013 ) 
"Unavoidably, such activities will result in human beings of the female persuasion being acknowledged, even celebrated, for their achievements. In Scotland. In the 21st century. I dread to think what could follow. An all-woman judging panel deciding on the future of Glasgow’s George Square? Pass me the smelling salts. Imagine the fiasco that could result from that!"

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